The table below shows simulations of the regularized Hastings-Levitov clusters, HL(α,σ), constructed in the paper Small particle limits in a regularized Laplacian random growth model, for varying values of the parameters α and σ. These simulations were carried out together with Alan Sola and Fredrik Johansson Viklund. Simulations of clusters were generated using computer code that is based on code available on C. McMullen’s webpage.

In each case, the number of particles is 25,000, the initial capacity is 10-4 and particles arriving within the same epoch of 5,000 arrivals have the same colour.By clicking on an individual cluster, you will be taken to a page showing a larger image of the cluster, the harmonic measure flow and the capacity sequence corresponding to that cluster.

α=0 α=0.5 α=1 α=1.5 α=2