Give a Talk or Poster

As a student conference, RSC is a friendly place to present and is an ideal venue for giving your first talk or poster. As a result, we do encourage all attendees to contribute.

Abstract submission is now closed.


The poster session will be on the Tuesday afternoon, during the coffee break. If you are presenting a poster, you should stand near to your poster in order to answer questions from interested participants.

If your poster is available online, please can you include a QR code on your poster. QR codes can be generated by clicking here. For those unsure about QR codes, they are essentially a bar code that delegates with smartphones can scan and use to download your poster.

A1 is the provisional maximum size of the poster. However, this might change, it depends on the number of posters we receive at the end of registration. A final confirmation will be made after the registration has closed.

You can hand in your poster to the RSC2013 organising committee at the registration on the Monday.


Students are encouraged to give a talk about their research. The talk does not have to be very complicated since this is a friendly student conference. Participants should keep their talk comprehensible and try to avoid bombarding the audiences with pages of equations as you want to keep the audience with you all the time. The talk must be strictly not longer than 15 mins with a further Q&A session. A minimum number of questions will be asked during the Q&A. Talks will be run in a number of different seminar rooms.

Each of the seminar rooms will have


Presenters must submit an abstract online in advance for inclusion in the conference programme.

Abstracts for the talks can be submitted when registration opens on the 1st of December.

The maximum number of words for an abstract is 250 words. Further instructions and guidelines for submitting the abstract can be found on the online submission page.


Delegates are given the opportunity to chair session, presenting the speakers and leading the Q&A session afterwards. If you would like to chair a session, please let us know when you register for the conference. Further information about chairing the sessions will be given at the registration on the Monday.