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Lancaster is a relatively small city with a rich history. With its history based on its port and canal, Lancaster is an ancient settlement dominated by Lancaster castle. Exploring Williamson Park and the Ashton Memorial provides visitors with stunning views of the Lake District.

On offer to visitors to Lancaster is a vibrant nightlife with live music, contemporary film and music as well as a wide variety of restaurants. More information about Lancaster can be found here.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University is a collegiate university with nine colleges spread across a 300 acre campus. The university is one of the top ten universities in the UK with over 12,000 students. It aims to give students the best possible university experience as well being committed to pursuing international research at the highest level.

Please visit the university website to find out more about Lancaster University.

Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster

The mathematics and statistics department at Lancaster has one of the UK's leading research groups in statistics as well as a strong pure mathematics department that specialises in algebra and analysis.

The statistics sector has internationally renowned reputation for research in Applied Probability, Bayesian and Computational Statistics, Extreme Value Theory, Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics, Social Statistics and Time Series Analysis.

Statistical research in the department predominately focuses on deriving new methodology, which is motivated by a wide number of applications and input from collaborators from other university deparments as well as industrial partners.

For more information, please visit the departmental website.