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Maths Tutoring and Statistical Consulting

Need some statistics consulting or maths tutoring? Try Olivia and Yvonne over on MathsWorkMusic


Baz's Ridgeway Ride

stone circle - Barry and Caroline travel to the stone circles

Baz's Japanese Japes

- temples and trains and karaoke!

Baz's Omani Desert Adventure

- turtles and camels, and much more besides!

Baz's Aussie Adventure

- five weeks down under

Baz's Alaskan Adventure

- working with sea otters in Alaska

Baz's Moroccan Madness

To Morocco by Land Rover!

And now back to the usual stuff...


Barry Stephen Rowlingson. Born in Enfield, North London. Currently Computer Officer and Researcher on Spatial Statistics in the Maths and Stats department, Lancaster University.


I live in a nice little end-terrace house in Lancaster. Check out the bathroom.


This was the *first* homepage at Lancaster University, and it ran on the *first* web server on campus too. Thanks to Nick Tate for showing me XMosaic at UEA in 1993 or thereabouts. For nostalgic reasons this page will contain no <frames> or javascript or other nonsense. Retro-html rules!


I am employed on two separate things:

There's some info on Software and Other Projects where you may find useful packages such as Splancs and Rmap.


Of course the greatest cutest animals in the world are real live Sea Otters.

The World Wide Baz Directory lists Bazzes all over the planet.

Barry Rowlingson
Maths Dept
Lancaster University

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