The Folkin Eejits


An irish folk band gone mad. Traditional folk tunes and fits of temporary insanity.

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Formed in 94, played Furness Extrav 94. Reformed in Sept 94 with new personnel, and added bass player in December.


There are some pictures for you to see...

... and some eejit lyrics to read too.

Gigs past and future

A detailed gig list is available!

Eejit songs

A list of every song ever performed by the Folkin Eejits is on line here!

Get Sucked In

The first Eejit tape Get Sucked In is out now. First batch has sold out pretty quickly. If you want a copy, get in touch and we'll see if we should get another batch done.

More Recording

We just finished recording four songs on high-quality 8-track tape and digitally mastered to DAT. We did Food, Hey Guys Eatin Pizza, Fields of Athenry, and Waxies Dargle. Great fun in the studio, recording and mixing and then playing around with effects... Engineered and Produced by the amazing Dave of the Music Co-op!

Eejit thanks...

To Chiv for drumming for us for 15 months, Jan 95 to March 96

To Rob for playing accoustic guitar Jan 95 to Sep 95

To Dunc, Tim, Matt for singing, shouting, and drinking during the early days.

To Marv, Mr Death, Katie, Blandy for transport!


The Eejits would like to play for you! Having a party? For a small fee we will come and liven it up. Satisfaction guaranteed!!
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