Open Source Geospatial Software

An introductory masterclass, June 24th-25th 2010

An opportunity to learn about the leading-edge free and open-source technologies for desktop and web-based mapping and data analysis”.

There's a lot of free and open-source geospatial software out there, doing all sorts of things from the server room to the desktop to the web.

This course will show you how all these components connect together and will let you decide what you need for your geospatial requirements. Bring your own data (or use our supplied datasets) and get mapping!

Course Outline

Day 1: What is Open Source Geospatial? Introduction to spatial data and open standards. Desktop GIS with Qgis and GRASS. Day 2: Spatial statistics and mapping in R. Programming with GDAL and OGR libraries. Web mapping and spatial data infrastructures with OpenLayers, PostGIS, and server technologies.


Researchers in any field who may need to deal with the creation, analysis, and presentation of geographical data.


  • Barry Rowlingson: Health and Medicine, Lancaster University
  • Jason Jorgenson: Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, Liverpool University
  • Carson Farmer:National Centre for Geocomputation, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.
  • Jo Cook: OA Digital

Bring a GPS!

If you have a GPS unit, bring it along and we might do some practical mapping and editing of OpenStreetMap!

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