This directory contains the code for Splancs - Spatial Point-Pattern Analysis code in Splus.

All programs here are supplied with no warranty or support available.

Any problems will be dealt with on a best-effort basis.

Source Code and Docs

Download the following using the `Save Link As...' option of your web browser: For people who have problems viewing and printing PostScript files, I have converted the report/guide and the help files to Adobe PDF format. Download The Guide or the help pages here, but be warned, they are both about 3 megabytes big - the PostScript files are a tenth of that!

Solaris 2 Systems

If you have trouble compiling the source on Solaris 2 systems, try the following:

Splancs for Splus 5

Here are two binary distributions of Splancs for Splus version 5.1 on Linux and Solaris systems. Just unzip and untar the files in your library directory.

As usual, these files come with no warranty of any kind.

PC Splancs - Splus 3

This file is highly experimental. It should work with Splus for Windows version 3.1, and I think it needs a little modification for newer versions (dyn.load.lib has changed, I think).

PC Splancs - Splus 4 / Windows 95/NT

This is a development from Steven Reader of University of South Florida:
Last modified: Mon Apr 23 15:04:10 BST 2001