I took two trips to Kyoto. The first time the train was nearly two hours late, and so I didn't have much time so I went back the next day. I could have had another day there and still not seen everything.

Kyoto castle is set in landscaped grounds with ponds and greenery. The outer castle walls hide their secrets.

My first sign of poverty - people living in cardboard houses under the bridge in Kyoto

The river had some interesting stepping-stones and a variety of bird life.

Temples are scattered all round Kyoto, nestling amongst the shiny new architecture. Kyoto was mainly spared from bombing during the war because of its cultural heritage.

Kyoto Tower reflects well in the railway station glass and chrome.

The second day in Kyoto didn't start too promising when I got to Nijo Castle. I took some more urban scenes.

Finally I reached the golden pavillion at Kinkaku Temple.

After the first two shots, a pack of schoolboys arrived. I waited a while and then got some more pictures of the pavillion and its lake.

From the other side of the pavillion the light reflects off the pond and casts illumination into all corners.

In the palace grounds are other small shrines and features.

Ryoan-ji is a temple famous for its enigmatic zen garden, but its panel paintings are equally impressive.

A small pagoda suddenly appears in the garden of Ryoan-ji.

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