The journey to Koyasan involves a ride on the 45-degree cable railway! Up we go, into the mountains...

After a short walk in the snow, we reach the first temple gate and it's guardian statue.

Taeko wraps up against the cold.

The graveyard in Koyasan has millions of graves, dating back perhaps thousands of years. There are monuments to unborn children, corporate graveyards for faithful workers, and great old tombs.

At the monastery where we stayed, the tastiest vegetarian food ever was delivered to our room. Here we tuck into dinner.

The room may have been simple, but was warm and decorated with fantastic brush paintings all round.

Breakfast the next day was equal to dinner.

The temple bell rang early that morning, and we went off into the temple to listen to the chanting of a buddhist text and to watch the burning of offerings. After the chanting, we were invited to make an offering ourselves, and then after a bit more chanting we took tea with one of the monks and a friendly cat.

We left the monastery and explored the temples and pagodas of Koyasan.

Now it was time to head back down the mountain. The view from the top of the cable-train was stunning.

As our cable car descends, its companion comes up, bringing a fresh batch of pilgrims to Koyasan

From Koyasan we made our way to Osaka and my surprise - tickets to the Kodo Drummers - an amazing performance!