Sea Otters Of Alaska

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I left London on a direct BA flight to Seattle, where I stayed with Dave Smith for a few days. He used to work in Lancaster but is now employed at a software company in Seattle. Dave's apartment is close to town, so I spent some time wandering around exploring. The Seattle Aquarium had four sea otters in a tank, so I waited there to watch them feed.

Then Dave gave me a lift to SeaTac airport, where Alaska Air whisked me off to Cordova's Merle `Mudhole' Smith Airport - first stopping at Juneau and Yakutat - which was the rendezvous point. After waiting patiently for a while, Bruce managed to find out that Robyn had forgotten to pick us up. She rushed out to the airport and took us to Lake Eyak in the bumpy old bus. A short float-plane trip from Lake Eyak took us to Alice Cove.

The first map on this page shows the position of Cordova in Alaska. It is on the southern side, far away from the icy, frozen north, and nestled in eastern Prince William Sound.

The second map shows the local area around Cordova. Alice Cove is a tiny, sheltered inlet on the land between Sheep and Simpson Bays. It makes a perfect natural harbour. We spent most of our time in the two arms of Simpson Bay, with one excursion into Sheep Bay.


Study Region
Cordova and the study area.

Float Plane
Float Plane arriving at Alice Cove.

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