Sea Otters Of Alaska

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There was plenty of other wildlife in the bay. Bald eagles could be easily spotted as white dots on the dark green trees. Huge salmon would leap from the water, sometimes making several jumps in a row. Small seabirds would duck and dive as our boats passed by. Gulls would mob small shoals of fish. Seals sat on submerged rocks and slid off into the water.

Then we would see bears. Brown bears were rare to spot, but the black bears made a few appearances. We'd see them as dark shapes on the shore, and try and get in close. Once we had hauled up on the beach and Fred found one feeding just inland. We followed Fred back in to see the animal notice us and shuffle off into the woods.

A trip up Sheep Bay to look for brown bears found none, but there were plenty of salmon. This was a spawning ground for them, and the place was full of dead and dying salmon, thrashing around in the shallow water, and screaming gulls and diving eagles.

One day we heard the sounds of coyotes from the shore, and soon spotted three of them trotting along the beach.

Bear On The Shore
Bear on the shore.

Bald Eagle
An eagle approaches the nest.

Two Bald Eagles
Two eagles rest in the trees.

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