Grind Vids

Way back in 2002 Andy was after a bassist and vocalist for a band. I was doing nothing much so had a couple of rehearsals with him, but they found another bassist cos it wasn't really my scene. But I hung out with them a bit and offered to do some videos. Here's the results - all films AVI files, probably DivX coded, sizes in brackets after the title. Click on the picture to download.

Doll (13Mb)

Shot in a theatre with a black backdrop. If only it were a blue screen. Never mind, its not too bad. The background images come from a film about nylon taken from a fantastic source of free-to-use material. My personal favourite of the Grind videos.

All shot (by me) with one camera. The band's singer had another camera but he forgot to charge the batteries, and the stage manager wouldn't let my 2nd cameraperson run round the front of stage with a mains lead dragging, so she was up in the back gallery. Nothing usable. So, back to one camera, one take and lots of editing. Half the visuals in this video actually come from other songs during the show. I love lying with editing.

Again Again (28Mb)

An exercise in syncing live performance to recorded sound. They always played a bit faster live, so I've done a bit of chopping to try and mask it, although I call it artistically-valid given the title of the song. Done with one camera, one take, lots of edits.

The Follower (28Mb)

Shot in a dark dingy club, with hardly any light - no alternative but to whack up the brightness and generally faff with the colours. Again, done with one camera.