Rnews Crossword

Here you can download the PS version of the crossword puzzle that appeared in RNews.


I have a spare EUR50 note left over from DSC-2003 (we dont use them in the UK yet) to go to the writer of a randomly-selected complete solution from those received 3 weeks after the publication of RNews.

To enter, first solve the crossword. Then get the entry form, and put the solutions in the square brackets, then email or post it to me (address contained within).

The lucky winner and the answers will be announced in a further RNews. I will not accept bribes for answers, and my decision on the winner is final!


Here's the solution:

Solutions with explanations

Across Clues:
 [Ownership]  9 : Possessing a file, or boat, we hear (9)
 - 'own a ship'
 [Brian Ripley] 10, 20 down : Developer code is binary peril (5,6)
 - anagram of 'binary peril' - Brian is an R developer
 [Erratum] 11 : Maturer code has no need for this (7)
 - anagram of 'maturer', and defines 'erratum'
 [Andante] 12 : And a volcano implodes moderately slowly (7)
 - 'and' plus 'etna' backwards. musical term for 'moderately slowly'
 [Tanh] 13 : Partly not an hyperbolic function (4)
 - part of "no(t an h)yperbolic"
 [Benefactor] 14 : Give 500 euro to R Foundation, then stir your caf\'e Breton (10)
 - anagram of cafe Breton, 500 euro makes you an R Foundation Benefactor
 [Entraps] 16 : Catches crooked parents (7)
 - anagram of 'parents'
 [Douglas Bates] 17, 23 down : Developer code bloated Gauss (7,5)
 - anagram of 'bloated Gauss' - Douglas is an R developer
 [Threadsafe] 19 : Fast header code is re-entrant (6-4)
 - anagram of 'fast header'. Threadsafe code is generally re-entrant
 [John Chambers] 22, 4 down : Developer makes toilet compartments (4,8)
 - John = toilet, chambers = compartments. John is an R developer.
 [Exports] 24 : Former docks ship files (7)
 - Ex-ports
 [An Anova] 25 : Analysis of a skinned banana and eggs (2,5)
 - 'skin' banana to get 'anan'. 'Ova' are eggs. 
 [Aperm] 26 : Rearrange array or a hairstyle (5)
 - aperm is an R function for array manipulation. A Perm is a hairstyle
 [Elemental] 27 : Atomic number 13 is a component (9)
 - The 'element Al' is atomic number 13.

Down Clues:
 [Robert Gentleman]  1 : Scots king goes with lady president (6,9)
 - "Robert" the Bruce (scots king) + "Ladies and Gentlemen" - Robert is R Foundation President
 [Intranet]  2 : Assemble rain tent for private space (8)
 - anagram of 'rain tent'
 [Write]  3 : Output sounds sound (5)
 - 'Write' sounds like 'right' (meaning 'sound')
 [Update]  5 : Climb tree to get new software (6)
 - dates grow on trees. Climb (up) date tree.
 [A Bad Value]  6 : Naughty number could be 8 down (1,3,5)
 - Bad = naughty, number = value. Bad values can be unrepresentable.
   'A Bad Datum' also fits the grid and the clue, so that's okay too.
 [Did Not]  7 : Failed or applied ! (3,3)
 - ! is the 'not' operator in R. 
 [Unrepresentable]  8 : International body member is ordered back before baker, but can't be shown (15)
 - UN Rep (international body member) Re-sent (ordered back) Able (comes before 'Baker'
   in phonetic alphabet).
 [Dataframe] 15 : I hear you consort with a skeleton, having rows (9)
 - sounds like 'Date a frame', where date = consort with, and a frame is a skeleton.
 [Deflated] 17 : Left dead encrypted file in zip archive (8)
 - anagram of 'left dead'. Files in Zip archives can use compression called 'deflation'.
 [Lookouts] 18 : Guards riot, loot souk (8)
 - anagram of 'loot souk', meaning 'guards'
 [System] 21 : A computer sets my puzzle (6)
 - anagram of 'sets my', meaning 'computer'.