London Mathematical Society Workshop : Rigidity of Frameworks and Applications

Lancaster University, July 12 - 15, 2010

Location: Lancaster University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics,

Organizers: Bill Jackson (Queen Mary, London)
John Owen (Siemens, Cambridge)
Stephen Power (Lancaster University)

General Program Description: A workshop on the Rigidity of Frameworks and Applications will take place from 12th to 15th July, 2010 at Lancaster University. The theory of bar-joint frameworks and related constraint systems of geometric objects forms a broad mathematical subject which makes use of diverse techniques drawn from combinatorics and matroid theory, from commutative algebra and algebraic geometry and from analysis. Additionally there are significant applications in engineering, material science and CAD software development. Recent scientific meetings have shown increased vitality in the area as have a number of recent developments, such as the resolution of the molecular conjecture, stress matrix characterisations of global rigidity, and group representation and operator theory methods for symmetric frameworks and infinite frameworks.
The object of the meeting will be to bring together leading international researchers, new researchers and young researchers for scientific exchange and collaboration, and to foster further research and collaboration in the United Kingdom. Although the emphasis will be on mathematics invitations have been extended to specialists in applications. Specialists in operator theory have also been invited reflecting emerging techniques in infinite framework models. The conference format will comprise three formal days of approximately 20 lectures. There will be four short primer lectures on the day before the formal conference lecture programme. We hope and expect that contributions and collaborations will continue informally in the days following the conference. The meeting is supported by a Scheme 1 Grant from the London Mathematical Society and by the Faculty of Science and Technology of Lancaster University. The meeting is open to all.

Workshop Programme
July 12, Monday
Conference registration 1.00p.m-3.00p.m. (in the PSC, and at other times, t.b.a)
Introductory talks, from 3.00 p.m.
1. Bar-joint frameworks and matroids, Tony Nixon. Slides
2. Body-bar frameworks, Walter Whiteley Slides
3. Infinite frameworks, zeolites, Simon Guest Slides
4. Frameworks and Operator Theory, Stephen Power. Slides
6.30 p.m.: Reception and Cold Buffet (in the PSC)

Main lectures
July 13, Tuesday
Thorpe, Jordan, Whiteley, Sitharam, Nixon, Dove
July 14, Wednesday
Tanigawa, Owen, Shulze, Shai, Keevash, Jackson, Wegner
July 15, Thursday
Young, Power, Servatius, Connelly, Ross, Guest, Watson, Borcea
Timetable of Lectures
Abstracts of Lectures
Participiants: Baier, Patrick (Siemens)
Blower, Gordon (Lancaster University)
Brookes, Peter (Lancaster University)
Borcea, Ciprian (Rider University, U.S.A.)
Connelly, Robert (Cornell, U.S.A)
Dove, Martin (Cambridge)
Fowler, Patrick (Sheffield University) N.B. Patrick's follow-on Workshop in Sheffield: Computers in Scientific Discovery 5
Finbow-Singh, Wendy (Saint Mary's University
Guest, Simon (Cambridge University)
Jackson, Bill (Queen Mary, London)
Jordán, Tibor (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest)
Keevash, Peter (Queen Mary, London)
Knight, Peter (Siemens)
Lindsay, Martin (Lancaster)
Mackay, Neil (Siemens)
Montgomery, Tom (Siemens)
Naoki, Katoh (Kyoto University)
Mazza, Nadia (Lancaster University)
Nixon, Tony (Lancaster University)
Owen, John (Siemens PLC, Cambridge)
Power, Stephen (Lancaster University)
Ren, Yilei (Nottingham University)
Rimmer, Leila (Cambridge)
Ross, Elissa (York University, Toronto)
Servatius, Brigitte (Worcester Polytechnic Inst., U.S.A.)
Sait, Avais (Lancaster University)
Schulze, Bernd (TU Berlin)
Shai, Offer (Tel-Aviv University)
Sljoka, Adnan (York University, Toronto)
Sitharam, Meera (University of Florida, U.S.A.)
Streinu, Ileana, (Smith College, U.S.A.)
Tailor, Sandeep (Siemens)
Tanigawa, Shin-ichi (Kyoto University)
Thorpe, Mike (Arizona State University)
Ughi, Emanuela (Universitŕ di Perugia)
Watson, Adam
Wegner, Franz (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
Whiteley, Walter (York University, Toronto)
Young, Nicholas (Leeds University)
The Workshop Photo, 14th July 2010.
Talk titles: Thorpe: Flexibility, Materials and Biological Function
Jordan: Connectivity and rigidity
Whiteley: Transferring Rigidity: Coning, Flat Metrics, and Perspective Slides
Sitharam: EASAL: Efficient atlas generation, searching and sampling of assembly landscapes
Nixon: Bar-joint frameworks on surfaces Slides
Dove: Rigidity and physical crystallography

Tanigawa: Infinitesimal rigidity of panel-hinge frameworks Slides
Owen: Independence conditions for point-line-position frameworks Slides
Schulze: Detecting mechanisms in symmetric structures via orbit counts Slides
Keevash: Direction-length frameworks
Shai: Rigidity of 2d and 3d pinned frameworks and pebbel game Slides
Jackson: Characterising global rigidity in 2-dimensional generic direction-length frameworks
Wegner: Rigid Unit Modes in Tetrahedral Crystals Slides

Young: Some interactions between operator theory and control engineering Slides
Power: Infinite bar-joint frameworks, crystals and operator theory Slides
Servatius: Combinatorial zeolites
Connelly : Global rigidity, some applications
Ross: The rigidity of graphs on a flexible torus
Guest: Observations on symmetry-breaking flexes of a kagome lattice Slides
Watson: Urchin graphs Slides
Borcea: Minimally rigid periodic graphs
Arrangements: The meeting will be held in Lecture Theatre A54 on the ground floor of the Postgraduate Statistics Centre (PSC) which is adjacent to Fylde College.
The PSC is labelled 41a on the campus map.
Click here for general travel information
Updates, 6th July 2010: There will be a 30 pound registration fee.
Campus Bed and Breakfast EnSuite Accommodation (single occupancy) is available at the rate of 35 GBP per night. Supported participants are supported for the nights 12-15 July and the extra Workshop nights.
The Bailrigg Conference Centre (building 21 on the campus map) is open 8am-11pm and issues room keys. On the 12th July these keys are available from 12.00. Anyone who has a room will be given a car parking permit on arrival and directions.
Securing accommodation early is strongly advised as there are undergraduate graduation ceremonies from 12-15th July.
Provided for all participants are
a cold buffet supper in the PSC on Monday 12th, from 6.30p.m.
dinner on Tuesday 13th at 7.00p.m. (in Barker House Farm near the accommodation)
lunches at 1.00p.m. in the PSC (on 13,14,15th)
there is no provided dinner on 14th
a workshop dinner on Thursday 15th will be organised
Please register for the workshop by emailing Stephen Power
Participants may pay the registration fee in cash or by cheque drawn on a UK bank, payable to the
"Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University". Receipts for all payments will be issued at the meeting.
Some local accommodation information(No campus twin guest rooms available now)
How to get to the department
Tourist office information
If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact:
Stephen Power