A Gallery of Infinite Frameworks

(permanently under construction, and open to contributions)

Lancaster University Geometric Rigidity Group

The Project: A convenient EXHIBITION of infinite bar-joint (bond-node) frameworks, and related infinite geometric structures (body-pin, body-bar, tensegrities, ... ) with comments on their rigidity and their flexibility. We are particularly interested in displaying examples which have a new point of interest, or which exhibit a "new mathematical phenomenon", or which, for whatever reason, seem unique or amusing.

Gallery owners: Stephen Power (Lancaster)
Derek Kitson (Lancaster)

In two dimensions: Two dimensional frameworks 1. Miscellany.

In two dimensions: Two dimensional frameworks 2. Rigid Unit Modes.

In three dimensions: Three dimensional frameworks TO DO
Higher dimensions: TO DO
Some images: Columbus tiling, Roman tiling Needle tower (See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDNohDRWTvU)
Glossary: TO ADD
Some literature: LINKS TO ADD
Contributors: TO ADD
Contacts: Stephen Power s.power@lancaster.ac.uk, or Derek Kitson d.kitson@lancaster.ac.uk