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Nadia Mazza
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Lancaster University
Lancaster, LA1 4YF

Office : B41
Tel : +44(0)1524-593961
Email : please, see here.

Short bio

Current position: Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics.
I graduated from the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2003 (in the Department of Mathematics which is now part of the EPFL).
Then, I went to the University of Georgia (UGA), in Athens, GA, USA, and was then employed as a postdoctoral associate and part-time instructor until 2006.
I came back to Europe after this experience, and enjoyed the Scottish climate at the University of Aberdeen until January 2008, as an advanced research fellow of the Swiss National Foundation.
In Spring 2008, I briefly went back to the United States, in California, for a 5-months research programme at the MSRI, in Berkeley.

I joined Lancaster University in September 2008, as a lecturer, and was promoted to senior lecturer in August 2014.

I've led on the organisation of the Florence Nightingale Day each year since 2013. This is a one-day event to promote mathematics and statistics and especially the participation of women in maths.

Since october 2016, I am on the lead grant holder of "Functor Categories for Groups", one of the London Mathematical Society "Joint Research Groups in the UK". Details of the meetings are here.

Since June 2018, I am the chair of Lancaster University Bee Keepers, and we have our apiary "The Eco Hives" on campus, near the Eco Hub.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae, for more details about my professional experience.