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I am a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University. My specialism is in the application of statistical methods to the evaluation of forensic evidence, and the epistemological aspects of forensic evidence. I undertake research and consultations for the Procurator Fiscals Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Home Office, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise, and Forensic science laboratories and police forces throughout the UK.

I have active interests in the R statistical programming language for which I have written two packages, and the GNU/Linux operating system which I now use exclusively for work and any serious computing.

In my former incarnation I was as a research fellow in the School of Mathematics at The University of Edinburgh. Here I worked very closely with Professor Colin Aitken on statistical problems in forensic science. I served on the Edinburgh local group of the Royal Statistical Society of which I am a fellow, and I am a member of the Forensic Science Society

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Dr. David Lucy,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Lancaster University,
Lancaster, LA1 4YF,
tel: 01524 594338
e-mail: d.lucy-\amp-lancaster.ac.uk