Future directions for quantum groups

A conference on Future directions for quantum groups took place at Lancaster University from 6th to 8th September 2012. The aims of the meeting were

The speakers were:

PDF versions of the slides for some of the above talks are available, linked from the respective abstract.

The conference incorporated the 33rd meeting of the ARTIN (Algebra and Representation Theory in the North) network and was supported by grants from the London Mathematical Society and the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster.

Conference photo

Conference photo (small)

Large version of conference photo (2.1MB)

Front row, left to right: Kremnizer, Sevastyanov, Krähmer, Kolb, Lenagan, Jordan.
Second row, left to right: Grabowski, Balagovic, Brown, Brzezinski, Fairfax, Rovi, French, Towers, Lecoutre.
Back row, left to right: Ó Buachalla, Costantini, Grant, Trotter, Kowalzig, Regelskis, Majid, Bazlov, Oh.

List of participants

Martina Balagovic, York
Yuri Bazlov, Manchester
Ken Brown, Glasgow
Tomasz Brzezinski, Swansea
Mauro Costantini, Padova
Simon Fairfax, Swansea
Jo French, Oxford
Ricardo Gallego Torrome, Sao Paulo
Jan Grabowski, Lancaster
Joseph Grant, Leeds
Natalia Iyudu, Belfast
David Jordan, Sheffield
Stefan Kolb, Newcastle
Niels Kowalzig, Roma Tor Vergata
Uli Krähmer, Glasgow
Kobi Kremnizer, Oxford
César Lecoutre, Kent
Tom Lenagan, Edinburgh
Martin Lindsay, Lancaster
Shahn Majid, Queen Mary, University of London
Nadia Mazza, Lancaster
Re Ó Buachalla, Queen Mary, University of London
Sei-Qwon Oh, Chungnam National University
Vidas Regelskis, York
Ana Rovi, Glasgow
Alexey Sevastyanov, Aberdeen
Matt Towers, Kent
Steve Trotter, King's College, London/Leeds