2013/14 Schedule for Northern Colorado

This schdule gives the matches in order of difficulty, the result, and the expected probability of a win (which is used in the calculation of the strength of schedule).


OpponentResultsWin Prob
at Kansas State W 0.37
at New Mexico State L 0.55
at Wyoming L 0.62
at Colorado State L 0.69
at Weber State L 0.79
at Montana W 0.86
vs Weber State L 0.86
at Eastern Washington L 0.87
at Idaho State L 0.89
at Northern Arizona W 0.89
at North Dakota L 0.9
at Portland State L 0.91
at Sacramento State L 0.91
Weber State W 0.92
vs Northern Arizona W 0.94
at Montana State L 0.95
Montana W 0.95
Eastern Washington L 0.96
Idaho State W 0.96
Northern Arizona W 0.97
North Dakota W 0.97
Portland State L 0.97
UC Riverside W 0.97
Sacramento State W 0.97
Montana State W 0.98
at Southern Utah W 0.99
Prairie View A&M W 0.99
Bethune-Cookman W 0.99
Southern Utah W 0.99
TOTAL 16 - 13 25.7