2012/13 Schedule for Wyoming

This schdule gives the matches in order of difficulty, the result, and the expected probability of a win (which is used in the calculation of the strength of schedule).


OpponentResultsWin Prob
at Colorado State L 0.26
at New Mexico L 0.27
at San Diego State L 0.28
at UNLV L 0.29
at Boise State L 0.38
vs New Mexico L 0.4
at Illinois State W 0.42
Colorado State L 0.53
New Mexico L 0.54
San Diego State W 0.56
at Air Force L 0.56
UNLV L 0.57
at Fresno State L 0.6
Colorado W 0.63
Boise State L 0.66
Denver W 0.68
at Nevada W 0.71
at Southern Methodist W 0.76
Air Force L 0.8
at UC Santa Barbara W 0.82
vs Nevada W 0.82
Fresno State W 0.83
at Cal State Bakersfield W 0.88
at Northern Colorado W 0.89
Nevada W 0.9
North Carolina Central W 0.93
Southern University W 0.93
UC Santa Barbara W 0.95
Cal State Bakersfield W 0.97
South Dakota W 0.97
TOTAL 17 - 13 19.9