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Splitting maps and norm bounds for the cyclic cohomology of biflat Banach algebras


Yemon Choi



Published in the conference proceedings of Banach Algebras 2009, as
Banach Center Publ. 91 (2010), 105--121.

Preprint version available at
arXiv 0910.5044


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We revisit the old result that biflat Banach algebras have the same cyclic cohomology as C, and obtain a quantitative variant (which is needed in forthcoming joint work of the author). Our approach does not rely on the Connes-Tsygan exact sequence, but is motivated strongly by its construction as found in [Connes,1985] and [Helemskii,1992].


The result here is used in work with Gourdeau and White (Proc. Royal Soc. Edinburgh, Sect. A, 2012; see this link).

The MR does not appear to get what the point of the paper is, even though I tried to make this explicit in the introduction. I will try to write something here when time permits.

Yemon Choi