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Mathematical education: article by W.P. Thurston (originally appeared as Notices of the AMS 37:7 (Sept. 1990), 844--850. See [math.HO/0503081] for an online copy

A rummage through my bookmarks has turned up a 1990 article by Halmos for the American Mathematics Monthly, provocatively titled Has mathematics slowed down? For a slightly querulous commentary you can read the Math Review by Dieudonné.

Barry Simon's 'The Case Against The Codes' has me convinced.

A preprint of Alberti, Csornyei, Pelczynski and Preiss shows that BV has BAP.

Some recent notes (104 pp.) of M. Khalkhali on "Very basic noncommutative geometry": [math.KT/0408416]. Material covered includes: examples of algebraic and analytic duality between geometry and algebra; several constructions of cyclic (co)homology with and without topology on the algebra; short appendices on Banach algebras and equivalence of categories.

Some day I hope to understand more of a talk given by Martin Bridson at the 2004 LMS meeting in Newcastle.

An extended index to Cartan and Eilenberg's 1956 book Homological Algebra can be found here.

The paper The OK Corral and the power of the law [MR 99d:60028] makes for interesting reading.

Division by three is a surprisingly interesting problem, quoted approvingly by John Baez (week 147).

Is Cambridge biased against state-school applicants? Read this articlette for an argument why this is not immediate from the observed statistics.

The quotient of a uniform algebra by a closed ideal can be isometrically embedded in B(H) for some Hilbert space (see § 50 of Bonsall and Duncan's 1973 Springer book). Some other references are:

Stats in action: interpreting poll leads using the margin of error. A similar point is made in this weblog post: CJR Campaign Desk: Margin of Ignorance.

Some survey articles and other short expositions

Ralph Howard has an exposition of Gunther's proof of the local Nash imbedding theorem, in DVI, gzipped PS and PDF formats.

Baez and Bunn have a very readable expository article on the meaning of Einstein's equation

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math full record search for 'sofic group' all years (1992-2004)

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Abstracts and details for some papers by R. F. Streater:

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My supervisor's mathematical family tree

My supervisor's neighbourhood of the Maths Genealogy looks like this, as far as I can work out.

Frank Smithies (1937)