Chris Sherlock

I am a senior lecturer in statistics at Lancaster University.

Teaching (2014-17): MATH230 (Probability). Teaching page.

Admin (2013-17): Programme tutor for the MSc in Statistics. From 2007 to 2013 I was Admissions Tutor for the MSc in Statistics.


My research interests include Markov Chain Monte Carlo (theory and methodology), Markov jump processes and diffusions, hidden Markov Models and spatial statistics. Here are my publications. Here is the page for the Lancaster University computational statistics and machine learning group.

Research-level tutorials

Pseudo-marginal MCMC is a very exciting area at the moment; here is a simple explanation and (partial) review of the literature.
Variational representations of Markov kernels can be powerful tools in the analysis of their behaviour; here is a description of three that I have found useful.
During my PhD I found out a little about particle filters. Here is an introduction to the SIR and ASIR filters - an explanation for beginners.


Click here for a potted career history, and here for other stuff.

last updated 22nd May 2017