Meet the team...


Sam Sam Watson, intrepid explorer. Currently a teacher in York, but eager to travel the world. Here he poses in his Clachaig Inn t-shirt. Its a pub - nay, the pub in Glencoe. Interests include climbing, the Army, the RAF (aka blue jobs) and the navy (aka `The Grey Funnel Line'). And Land Rovers. Sam has web pages all about Elsa and trips with her.


Barry Rowlingson, aka Baz. He's a Research Associate and Computing Officer in Lancaster. He has known Sam for a good few years, since Sam was an undergraduate at the university. Baz has travelled in the USA and Europe, but this was his first expedition in Africa. Now he's eager to cover Asia and Australasia.


Abigail Fulbrook, public relations expert-in-waiting. She's studying in Watford for a diploma in PR. She's Sam's girlfriend's best friend's sister. Commended for bravery for volunteering to spend four weeks in a Land Rover with two blokes she hardly knew.


Elsa, aka `the transport'. An ex-marine Land Rover Defender 110, she has spent most of her life sitting on an aircraft carrier. Then every winter she was taken to Norway where a bunch of squaddies would walk all over her. She's fully winterised, which means there's radiators under the front seats and one along the back. Great for Scottish winters, but not so good for the Sahara. And Sam hasn't fixed her so that they can be turned off. The driver's door has a habit of flying open. She smoked a lot. The roof rack occasionally bounced out. The cigarette lighter was bodged on by Baz. In the back Sam has installed bunk beds and a wash basin. She's tough as old boots and gets you where you want to go. She has her own web pages that Sam has written.
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