Day 29 - Dover to Lancaster

Sam wakes us up at 6.30. He's forgotten to put his watch back to British Summer Time as we crossed the Channel.

We get going fairly soon after and make good time to the M25. I make a slight navigational error and a detour takes me past my old college, Royal Holloway. I've not seen it for years. We find our way onto the M4.

Abbie has phoned home, and nobody has answered so we head for Sam's girlfriend April's house instead. We wait there for an hour or so while the crazy dogs entertain us. Abbie's dad turns up and she drives off.

Sam straps April's bike onto Elsa's roof to take it back to York, and we drive off after much bye-byes. It's now a dash up to the M6 and Lancaster.

We arrive at my house at about 10:30, and its too late for Sam to head back to York. He's been driving for 8 hours, and he's had enough caffeine for twelve men. He secures Elsa and I drag all my stuff into my house. Sam enjoys his Laphraoig.

- Sam Leaves Lancaster