Day 24 - Volubilis to Meknes

We've still got a day or so spare in Morocco, so instead of heading up to Tangier we decide to go south again and camp at Meknes for a night. On route we stop for a break and I spot this butterfly, which, after ten minutes of fluttering around at the tops of the trees, decides to perch itself in front of my close-up lens.


Its an Iphiclides podalirius, or Scarce Swallowtail.

We find the same campsite in Meknes that we stayed in two weeks ago. There's a UK Land Rover there, and we chat to the couple and their son, and swap desert stories.

We walk into town along the same streets again. A local passes by on a classic 70's kids bike - a Raleigh Chopper! Sam considers running after him and offering a few dirhams for what is probably a collectors item back in England.

There's a cybercafe tucked away in a modern apartment that feels like its someone's flat that has had networking installed and lets people use it for a price. We spend some time sending messages home. I still cant handle an arabic keyboard.

Sam decides he wants to buy some souvenirs, so its a haggling we will go. After a while he emerges with a tagine dish and a very smelly goat-leather footcushion cover. It stinks. At least my drum only smells of cedar wood and is wrapped up. We've got goatskin stink all the way back across Europe now.

We head back to camp for Sam to leave his treasures, and then he and Abbie head back into town to find a restaurant - I dont fancy risking the local scoff myself. So I sit and read until it gets dark and then they return after having had tagines of some description in a nice little restaurant.

Its now time to think about leaving Morocco.

Where's Elsa?
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