Day 21 - Marakesh to Ifrane

This morning its pancakes for breakfast, along with strong coffee and fruit juice. We check out of the hotel, paying for the two nights in a mixture of pesetas and Sam's Visa card. Sam gives a generous tip to the guys who sit out in the car park all day and night watching the cars - Elsa is safe and sound.

After crossing the road to a shop we stock up Elsa and fill some water bottles with Morocco's finest mineral water - Sidi Ali.

The day is just a long drive to the town of Ifrane. Its uneventful. By the time we get there its dark, and the town is full of people. Its a strange place, up in the hills its a ski resort in the winter and the town's houses look very French alpine.

Signposts for the campsite are abysmal. We end up drivng through streets full of people out for the evening, so we stop and Sam asks a policeman. Ten minutes later we find the campsite.

Its very busy. This is a popular spot for Moroccans to come on holiday. And when they do, they bring everything. There are families with camper vans, many of whom have put up tent awnings and erected fences. There are satellite dishes propped on cars. There's even a washing machine. All this electrical gear is plugged into the dodgiest wiring I've ever seen.


At about midnight a bunch of Spanish bikers arrive with a support vehicle. Looks like they are trying to wake up as many people as possible. They have some serious competition in this respect from the screaming children and the blaring radios.

Where's Elsa?
- Ifrane to Volubilis