Day 18 - To The Cascades

We wake up, and discover we have parked in a deep rocky canyon. Further along the road is a tunnel, marked on the map as the 'Tunnel of The Legionnaires'. Its still guarded by a couple of idle soldiers in a small hut. All around us are high rock walls, and the river cuts through them deep below us. We pack up and drive on.

The road passes over assorted high passes and into deep valleys. There are sharp hairpin turns and deep drops to valley floors.

Dont look down

At one point we pass over a dam, part of a hydroelectric complex that generates a lot of electricity for this part of Morocco. Sam notes that the guards here have nicer guns than the guys guarding the Imperial Palace in Meknes. Heckler and Koch no less. The dam even has a sign saying 'no photography' in several languages.

We arrive at the Cascades d'Ouzoud. Trying our best to avoid hustlers, we head down a wrong turn and have to back out. We head off in another direction looking for Mike's Nissan, and eventually spot him in a small campsite. He points to the toilet, which is a small wooden hut and a hole in the ground, but the campsite staff are friendly and bring chairs and tables for us to relax on.


Its been a long day's drive so we sort out our food and sleep in the tent.

Where's Elsa?
- From The Cascades To Marakesh