Day 16 - A Day In Erfoud

Today we decide to have a quiet rest day in Erfoud. Sam and I wander around and notice that every other car is a Land Rover. On one corner, next to a big hotel, is a car park full of them.

Landys galore

They are all tour vehicles, designed to take people out to the Erg Chebbi, the giant sand dune a few miles out of town. We are pestered by a local man, who offers to guide us in town, and even asks if Sam wants to sell his Land Rover. I dont think he was joking.

We find a cybercafe and log in and check emails. Again, I have trouble finding the right characters on the Arabic keyboard.

Back at the campsite, we put up Sam's army ponchos using Mike's spare tent poles to make a shelter, and sit in the shade and read while our laundry dries in the hot sun. It's a relaxing day.

Where's Elsa?
- Erg Chebbi - the Sahara