Day 7 - Back to Gibraltar

Its the last day of the first week. Its also time for a good tidy up of Elsa, so all the kit comes out and back in again.

Re-pack the gear

Now its off to Gibraltar again to get the tyre fixed. There's a bigger queue to get in this time, due to all the local spanish workers coming in. We park Elsa in Safeway's car park and get some breakfast. Then we wander into town and find a garage.

We also find the first cybercafe of our trip, and pop in to send our greetings back across Europe. Its a well equipped place, with machines that are new and clean, with Internet software and networked games.

Wandering around town, we pick up a few things I think might be useful on the journey - a cool box and a bucket. I dont expect a cool box will keep anything cold, but it might just stop it being hot. The bucket will be useful for washing and keeping water. Twenty minutes is spent looking round the hardware shop at items we might think useful.

It's now getting a bit late to think about getting to Africa today. We dont want to arrive in the dark and have to look for accomodation. So we decide on a pre-emptive trip to the port of Algeciras just so we know the way.

There's another long queue out of Gibraltar this time. But we get out and head on West towards the spanish port. We pass through the port gates and over a bridge towards where the boats leave from. Some port officials obviously think we're leaving and try and direct us onto a boat. We try and explain we're not going yet, and turn around and flee.

So its back to the beach again. The noisy family are still there, but they are a bit quieter now. There's fewer people here now than even last night, and its becoming a familiar place to us. A police car drives onto the beach at one point, but doesn't stick around long. Sam and I sleep in the tent and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we go for Africa!

- To Morocco and Beyond