Day 5 - Worse Service Station to the Beach From Hell

I wake up at 7am and get up to watch the sunrise. Sam gets up later and we do a few jobs. The winch cable needs unwinding and rewinding neatly onto its spool. We take the high-lift jack out of the back and fix it to the front bumper, giving us more room in the back. We say our goodbyes to the Aussies and drive on. Its should be a straight drive south to the coast now.

But Abbie has a problem. Her ear had been hurting for the past couple of days, and now its bad. Not a lot we can do about it.

The road south takes us through more rugged scenery. The mountains are dotted with hundreds of thousands of olive trees as far as the eye can see. The sense of distance is distorted by the monotony of the green-spotted landscape. Elsa and I pose at a service station with olive trees in the background. Sam even lets me wear his Land Rover cap.

Baz poses with Elsa

After lunchtime we carry on, and we start to pick up the tourist traffic heading for the Costa Del Sol. Then we cross the coastal hills and spot the Mediterranean in the distance.

Its time to find a campsite again. Through Malaga and Marbella, they're either closed or full. Same again in Estepona. Sam goes off to check the tourist info and its closed. We decide to head along the coast to see what we can find. Rounding a big bend I spot a small sandy beach with cars parked and tents pitched. Its not an official campsite, but it will do us. We pull in and Elsa gets her first taste of sand. While Sam is off exploring, Abbie and I spot a Toyota Land Cruiser getting stuck in the soft sand. He revs his engine and spins his wheels, and then decides he's better off reversing down the slope! If only Sam could have seen it!

The beach is occupied by assorted cars and camper vans and tents. In the middle is a small bar, little more than a shack really. There's no facilities except for one beach shower running cold water. The ponchos go up on the side of Elsa and Sam and I crawl under. Then the music starts. Seems its techno night, and this beach is the club. Thumping bass pounds the sand. A small crowd gather outside the bar and begin dancing. We're not going to sleep through this, so we stick our hifi up on Elsa's bonnet and blast back with "Land Of Hope and Glory". They probably can't hear it but we have a laugh anyway.

There's another Land Rover parked across from us, and we go to chat. Its a dutch couple and their son who have just returned from Morocco. They tell us their stories and we tell them ours. They offer us some cool beers (they have a fridge in their Landy) and we chat for a while. Then we crawl back under the ponchos and hope the music stops sometime.

It never does. Its still going at 9am the next morning.

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