Day 2 - Northern France to Southern France

We wake up to a sunrise over a small lake that we hadn't noticed the night before. Geese honk.

sunrise over the lake

A few locals potter past in car and on bike and wonder what we're up to. We wake up, and decide on a plan for the day.

Sam ponders

We drive to a small town and get some breakfast - chocolate bread from a patisserie. We also pick up some bread and cheese from the campest cheeseshop assistant we've ever seen. We eat it sitting in the town square on a quiet morning.

We carry on down the autoroute, past Paris where I get my first view of the Eiffel Tower. However it is miles away and just a speck of a needle on the horizon! The traffic round Paris isn't too bad.

French service stations are clean and neat. We stop at one for lunch, and pause for photographs of the whole team.

The Team

The landscape has changed, and we're now obviously in southern France. The trees are different. The air is warmer. By evening we're looking for a camp spot, and find a quiet service station that is no more than a toilet block and some parking spaces. We hang the army ponchos off the Land Rover and Sam and I kip underneath. The sound of insects chirping in the bushes keep us awake a while.

- Southern France to a Spanish Service Station