A very short CV

February - April 2014 Visiting Fellow at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada Thematic Program on Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Banach and Operator Algebras

2014 Post-doctoral fellowship at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

2010 - 2013 PhD studies at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University; supervised by Dr. Niels Jakob Laustsen.
Thesis Closed ideals of operators on Banach spaces of continuous functions defended on 05/11/13 (my examiners were Prof. T Alastair Gillespie and Dr. Graham Jameson).

2005 - 2010 Integrated MSc studies on Pure Mathematics at University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Master's Thesis: On the applications of Martin's Axiom (in Polish); supervised by prof. A. Błaszczyk

2011 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies (First Year Category).
2012 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies (Second Year Category).
2013 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Studies (Third Year Category).
2013 Selected to participate in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum: Abel-, Fields- and Turing-Laureates Meet the Next Generation, Heidelberg, Germany, September 2013.

I am a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH.

My research interests include:

C*-algebras and their classification. Set theory in operator algebras;
Banach space theory and, in particular, Banach spaces of continuous functions;
Operator ideals and, in general, left/right/two-sided ideals in Banach algebras;
Set-theoretic and Boolean approach to functional analysis.


1. Uniqueness of the maximal ideal of the Banach algebra of bounded operators on
C([0, ω1])
, with N.J. Laustsen, Journal of Functional Analysis 262, Issue 11, (2012), 4831–4850
2. The ideal of weakly compactly generated operators acting on a Banach space, with T. Kochanek (to appear in Journal of Operator Theory)
3. A reflexive Banach space whose algebra of operators is not a Grothendieck space, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 401 (2013), 242–24.
4. A chain condition for operators from C(K)-spaces, with K.P. Hart and T. Kochanek (Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, in press)
5. Maximal left ideals of operators acting on a Banach space, with H.G. Dales, T. Kochanek, P. Koszmider and N.J. Laustsen, Studia Mathematica, 218, Issue 3, (2013), 245–286.
6. A weak*-topological dichotomy with applications in operator theory, with P. Koszmider and N. Laustsen, accepted to Transactions of the London Mathematical Society
7. Operators on two Banach spaces of continuous functions on locally compact spaces of ordinals, with N. Laustsen, to appear in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
8. A short proof of the fact that the matrix trace is the expectation of the numerical values, to appear in The American Mathematical Monthly
9. Banach spaces whose algebra of bounded operators has the integers as their K0-group, with P. Koszmider and N. Laustsen (submitted 17/04/13)
10. A note on compact spaces having the Bishop property, with R.J. Smith,
11. Finite generation in C*-algebras and Hilbert C*-modules, with D. Blecher (submitted 18/01/14)

In preparation

12. Ideal structure of the algebra of bounded operators acting on a Banach space, with N.J. Laustsen, anticipated completion: March 2014